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ML @ Spirit of the Outback 18/4/21

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

This morning, I actually wanted to blog someone else, but as luck would have it, the concert was canceled and I saw who was still on stage that early Sunday morning. My eyes fell on ML, a name I didn't know before and I was curious. So I teleported to Spirit of the Outback, an incredibly beautiful, friendly and cozy venue in the Lost Island look that I really like. After I switched my light to midnight on a recommendation and started the music, I was immediately enchanted. ML stood on stage and presented his “Wish you were here tribute show” for a full hour with Pink Floyd songs from the above-mentioned album.

Among other things, he presented the songs: Shine on your crazy diamond IV -Welcome to the machine - Have a Cigar - Wish you were here - Shine on you crazy diamond VI-IX - Coming back to Life - Comfortably Numb. Not only the music, (I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan) also the breathtakingly beautiful coordinated light show that it plays is just a dream! Just the thing to start Sunday in a very special way. ML sings live and uses wonderful backing tracks and this combination of everything lets you drift away in a brilliant way. I recommend everyone, especially PF fans, to see one of his tribute concerts. An explosion for the senses! I'm shocked in love and I will definitely come back to the next concert soon!

**translated from German**


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