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Rocker @ Kickin' Club

Oh my word!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is called Rocker for a reason....He Rocks it OUT!

Today he sang "Da ya think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart, and wow! He went into Sawyer Brown, and slid into the Eagles, without missing a beat.

His voice is very unique, and that's why he Rocks! He takes the music and makes it his own. Dia, our host, was busy keeping us shaking with Rocker, and let me tell ya - it was a great work out! If you wanna hear one of Second Life's great artists - go to a Rocker concert, your ears will thank you!

Today, Rocker was at the Kickin' Club. Kickin', was founded on March 1, 2008, and is one of the oldest venues on Second Life, and a Toggle For Music music venue! They have some of the best entertainers who perform weekly there, and everyone is always friendly, especially Dia, who is one of the best Hosts I know. (See her in action, below.)

(This is what makes the Venue Great!)

Take some time and go over to Kickin', you'll have one of the best times ever!

See You Around The Grid. ~ Jade ♥

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