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Aubryn Melody @ The Blarney Stone

Found Aubryn this morning at "The Blarney Stone". (thanks for advertising in the SL Events)

Awesome singer! I'd never heard her sing before, and this was a refreshing performance. Audryn plays her own instruments and she is a singer, songwriter, and produces her own Wednesday show on Facebook. (Which I hope to check out, soon.)

Today, she was using a loop, which lets you quickly record a section of your playing or singing in real-time and then play it back on repeat. I loved the harmonies she was using, via the loop. :)

She had great control and projection on each note and each song. Aubryn's voice has a lovely tone, that you could listen to all day. I loved her instrumentals, and was tapping my toes with each beat.

Thank you to the - "The Blarney Stone"- for having her there, today. :)

The Blarney Stone has many great live entertainers, and when I came in, there was Toggle for Music's own Kandy Kane, too! But, the Blarney Stone will turn 17 this August! I think that says a lot about the venue, I don't know of many who can boast of that kind of dynamic in Second Life, where so many venues come and go. They are doing something right...and it shows!

I hope you'll visit, sometime, soon, and hear Aubrey. If you do, you'll have another fav entertainer on your list. And as always ~ See You Around The Grid ~Jade♥

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