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Makayla Dawson @ Scarlet's Country

I'm an event peruser, (I made up that word, I think) and I've found some of the Best musicians and singers in Second Life, just clicking on an Event ad, and teleporting.

So, I read at 4 pm, today - June 30th, that Makayla Dawson was performing at Scarlet's I went. Makayla has a nice tone to her voice, it's sharp and clear. Her southern Louisiana accent adds to the contrasting quiet dynamics and her control of each note in the country tunes she effortlessly sings. I loved the older songs she sang, and she was awesome with the newest covers! Makayla shows off her power as a vocalist with every song. I hope you'll check her out on the grid.

Makayla was singing at Scarlet's Country Venue, and it is a Toggle for Music venue. (Thank you Miss Scarlet!) When you see the sign at the venue, you know you are in for great entertainment. Today, we were on the Beach, and I love the Beach venues during the summer. It's light and airy, and makes you relax. I hope you'll join me this summer, at this venue, I plan to go back soon. ~ See You Around the Grid ~ Jade ♥

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