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                                                                   *SPIRIT OF THE OUTBACK*~ AUSTRALIAN LIVE MUSIC VENUE
                                                                                                           est: February 11th Feb 2017


~* SPIRIT OF THE OUTBACK*~ Australian Live Music Venue- Owned and operated by  Silverlight GypsyHeart (moonites) for over 4 years and counting. 
~*SPIRIT OF THE OUTBACK*~ takes great pride in presenting live singers and musicians from all across the globe, embracing an environment rich in multi national culture just like the country, Australia that ~*SOTO*~ represents. 
The aim of ~*SOTO*~ is to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who perform or visit the venue.  Many performers have played their first gig in SL at ~*SOTO*~ with many people commenting that ~*SOTO*~ feels 'safe' or 'like home' to them, so I guess we are doing it right.  
The Staff at ~*SOTO*~ are exceptional and first class ladies. They are always very welcoming and friendly to everyone.  Yes the Staff is comprised totally of 'Aussie Chicks', Lakey, Val, Silver herself, along with Chloe and Whisp who helps us out at times.  The girls love to banter and make the crowd feel included at the shows, they are all of the same ilk, all get along and bounce off each other with their wicked humour.  This is why ~*SOTO*~ is so much fun and allows the crowd to feel free to interact with the awesome performers, the hosts as well as with each other. 
~*SOTO*~ has that family feel atmosphere where the owner, Silverlight, feels it is important for herself to also be present at every show as a sign of respect for performers and patrons alike. ~*SOTO*~ is not a 24/7 cash cow type venue, you could say its more classy and bespoke. This is why ~*SOTO*~  runs only two quality events each week of 5 and 8hrs duration. The odd impromptu open mics also happen now and then.  
~*SPIRIT OF THE OUTBACK*~ is designed on the 'Great Aussie Outback' under the scorching hot sun, with rich red clay pans and glimmering sand dunes where the Great Southern skies become illuminated with billions of stars at night,  There are many native Australian birds and wild life to be found at the venue so if you are in the mood for those ambient sounds of the bush turn up your sound effects, or just enjoy dancing to the music stream 24/7. 
On midnight setting, the stars illuminate the rich reds, greens and purple hues of the Earth below, giving off a warming glow to the surroundings. 
Beyond the actual venue, the clay pans meet the tropical sands and pristine tropical waters of Australia. ~*SOTO*~ is a truly stunning visual representation of where "The great Aussie Outback meets the Tropical Shores"~A BIG AUSSIE WELCOME AWAITS YOU AT ~*SPIRIT OF THE OUTBACK*~

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