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Tony Slade @ Ciera's Gin & Juice

Hello again! It's your perpetually late, nerdy girl here with another musical blog! Tonight is the one and only Mr. Tony Slade's 1st Anniversary as a performing artist in Second Life! At the venue, he started it all at no less. Ciera's Gin & Juice! This will be something special to be sure. SO, Buckle up, and let's go on a listening ride!

Venue report; This place has been putting on much of the talent in Second Life for longer than most of us can even remember these days. The atmosphere is always vibrant and inviting, it feels very much like a nightclub would out in that mysterious place called the real world would. The staff, Woo, and Ciera make it a memorable and inviting experience every time you come.

OK! Let's get it going, try to focus Ezzy, and don't fan too hard! Whew...

The set opens with an incredibly warm thank you to all the fans and acknowledgment of coming to the 1-year mark and everything starting on the very stage he is present on. The soul, passion, and true appreciation for the craft heavily present in the tone and delivery. Immediately grabbing the attention of all those in attendance. What a special treat!

Humorous and humble about his beginnings. Recognizing the help that he has received along the way from the venue owners, assistants, and other artists in attendance. Along with the dedications from the requests his fans have made over the past year are a few of the many qualities that make people of all places, types, and ages dedicated Tony Slade fans!

Tony uses this very light reverb effect that thickens his already full-sounding voice in just the right way without being too overpowering. The mix with the tracks is always really nice as well. You can hear the tracks while still allowing the primary focus to be the incredible vocal talent that Tony is.

The feeling I am having through this whole performance is indescribable! It's a mix of wanting to cry and pure joy. You can just feel the passion Tony has for what he is doing. It translates so well, and to me is soul-piercing in a great way. Making the Tony show addicting just like a drug. But a clean, legal, and positive drug that everyone should be addicted to.

Happy musical anniversary, Tony! Thank you all for reading. I cannot wait to catch you on the next one!

  • Ezzy xoxo

Set List:

  1. Phil Collins - In the air tonight

  2. Al Jarreau - Mornin'

  3. Lionel Richie - Running With the Night

  4. Santana w/ Rob Thomas - Smooth

  5. Lionel Richie - Dancing on the Ceiling

  6. Christopher Cross - Sailing

  7. Neil Diamond - Play Me

  8. Lionel Richie - Stuck on you

  9. Kool & The Gang - Fresh

  10. Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk

  11. Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack

  12. Dazz Band - Let it Whip


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