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I've heard Stinna sing many times, so it was a pleasure for me to be able to do a blog on her for the music website Toggle for Music. Stinna has a lilting sweet melodic voice with an underlying passion.

This show , she chose a romantic theme , singing such classics as 'Dancing in The Dark' , Robbie Williams 'Angels' , 'A Thousand Years' , and throwing in 'Shiny Happy People' to keep the feel upbeat. Then taking us swaying into ' Dance the Night Away'

Stinna hails from Denmark with a delightful charming personna , always in touch with her audience. She is a highly skilled entertainer listening to her guests and taking requests and dedications.

She ended her show with ''Field of Innocence' by Evanescence , a beautiful haunting song , so suited to her voice

Stinna is a highly multi- talented artist with a unique voice , able to sing different genre such as Loreena Mckennitt's 'The Mummers' Dance ' a personal favourite of mine . When she sings such tunes , it's easy to imagine wandering through enchanted forest full of fairies and Elves:)

And then she will sing The Monkees ' I'm a believer'.

Stinna , A beautiful Artist

The Venue, The Blues Cove on the edge of The Blake sea where sail boats pass by and music drifts across the water


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