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Rebecca @ Ghost Lion 10/04/21

Updated: May 23, 2021

With posh evening frock and shoes, I landed outside the Ghost Lion Romantic Ballroom, the interior of which is stunning. From the gilded walls, opulent scarlet and gold carpets, a bar, sumptuous chairs and settees with complimentary wine, the whole ambiance is like walking into the Tower ballroom at Blackpool. The dance floor in the centre complete with romantic couples dances, this is the place to come for a wonderful romantic dance. Who could resist dancing with their partner, posh frock and Tuxedo, waltzing around the ballroom to wonderful classic standards sung in a clear voice.

I was there to listen to Rebecca, who hails from New Zealand and had a wonderful time slot of 2am SLT meaning that it timed nicely for my Euro early morning coffee, or a late night for others. Her infectious humour and quips mix well with her beautiful voice.

Her choice of music dovetailed seamlessly with the idea of ballroom dancing, ‘Que Serra Serra’, ‘I’ve got you under my skin’, ‘I’m on my way’. Her voice strong and clear made the songs seem more beautiful and even though my Avie was sitting still, I felt myself swaying in time with the music.

Her backing group the Kiwis, quipped with her in text as she spoke during the breaks between songs. This lady has a fun way about her and is a pleasure to listen to.

The hostess was welcoming, this new venue in SL is one to visit, and to enjoy your time in wonderful company.

So don your posh frock or you smartest Tux and come down to this venue and listen to Rebecca sing whilst you waltz, or foxtrot around the ballroom


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