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Rara Destiny @ Surfside Hideaway 11/4/21

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Rara Destiny @ Surfside Hideaway 11/4/21

I've known Rara since my first stay in SL, it must have been in 2009 when I heard her live for the first time.

I was immediately enthusiastic about her voice and her character.

Yesterday she was on stage at Surfside Hideaway. A dreamlike venue that I've visited many times and that has been a recommendation on our Toggle for Music page for a long time.

The songs that Rare presented yesterday with her guitar and in her personal, delicate style were, among others: Anna Nalick-Breath, Lorde-Royals, Harry Styles-Watermelon Suger, Paul Simon-Slip Sliding Away, The Divinyls-Pleasure and Pain, Damien Rice-Volcano, Leonardo's Bride-Even When I'm Sleeping.

As always, she sang these songs with a wonderfully honesty and with her confident but gentle and soulful voice.

Through this and her modest personal nature, she gave the audience an evening campfire atmosphere among friends, which feels wonderfully natural.

With REM and Everybody Hurts and a very personal dedication, she concludes her program and shows once again what great vocal talent she has and how much passion she puts into every single song.

A wonderful concert came to an end and I am always happy to see her live on stage.

Make sure to check out the next one!

** translated from German **


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