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Poul @ SolarWinds

This is the first time I heard Poul, and I'm so glad I stayed up a little later than usual, and caught his show. His songs are wonderfully melodic, and upbeat. I just had to get up out of my seat at home and shake it, with each song. Poul is energetic, the crowd was mesmerized by his great vocals, and requested many songs. From his bio we learn that he's from the Philippines and started singing at a very young age. His claim to fame is being a former member of the first P-pop boys group in the Philippines, which was called "XLR8". I hope you go to hear him, when he pops up in the Events, again.

I found Poul at one of our sponsors "Solar Winds". I was there on a Wednesday night, at 9 pm slt. There were so many people there, it was a little laggy, so I apologize for the lack of a better photo to show you. However, It's a very friendly venue, and they have land for sale, too. In chat, it was said that you can hear the music on your land, and that would be sit around a campfire with friends and listen to awesome singers like Poul.

See you around the grid. ~ Jade ♥


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