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Paradorn Ansar@ Acherusia Kingdom 12/4/2021

Updated: May 23, 2021

As I was standing in my own club today debating on what singer to write about next

I saw some people appearing in the sim so did a search in events. Found out that

there was an event here in the same sim I am in so stopped at the venue Acherusia

Kingdom. For sure I had to do this event as my good friend Andy Harcassle is the owner

of this club. If you know Andy, he is one of the most generous, kind, and caring people

in second life. So of course, knowing this, I would have a great experience at his club.

The venue is an open-air venue on one of the balconies in the castle.

Nice location and it is very inviting.

When I arrived, I was hearing a great country song being sung, wow what did I stumble into. On the stage was Paradorn Ansar, I remember the name but in all my years of being

involved in music how is it I had never heard him before? Once in awhile I am

fortunate to run into a rare gem in this virtual world and today was going to be another

one of those days.

What a pleasant voice Paradorn has, a sexy roughness in his voice

that helps him to sing some great country cover songs. He is streaming live

from The Netherlands and is also playing his guitar. You can tell that he

really enjoys entertaining by the way he interacts with the audience. In his words

he said, “I'm not a big roller...I sing for fun” and you can certainly tell that.

I must admit that I do not like all country music but the ones I do like are good.

I have to say that not many people in sl do country as well as Paradorn is doing at

this moment.

He continued to sing some more country songs and then on to more of

a blues song, Georgia on My Mind. After I leave this show today, I will have Paradorn on

my mind and the great music he shared today at the show. He finished his show with “Liza Jane” a song by Vince Gill.

Paradorn sings here every two weeks and has been singing for Andy for 7 years now so stop on by to see him. Paradorn also owns Sky Music Park and performs there.

Para is a true music lover, and his passion for music is something felt by the audience. It is an hour well spent.


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