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Mimi Carpenter @ Terry’s Place 22/5/21

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

This Saturday I visited the wonderful stage at Terrys Place. It is located in the middle of a magically designed meadow, surrounded by streams, trees and blooming flowers. This stage offers many extraordinary artists a perfect backdrop for their concerts, as is the case today for that of Mimi Carpenter. Mimi has been a household name in the SL music scene for a number of years. The singer / songwriter lives in Canada, sings not only English but also French and German songs and covers a wide variety of genres from pop / rap / hip hop to rock / grunge to trip hop. She showed us her incredible breadth and talent to make these titles hers. She showed us the songs in her very own style and she can turn a rap song into a soulful smooth Mimi Carpenter song. The tracks she sang to us yesterday and accompanied on her acoustic guitar were Drive by The Cars, Poupée de cire poupée de son by France Gall, a beautiful song from the 60s that my parents owned a record of and I did some with connect beautiful memories. I was pleasantly surprised that this song could still be part of a song list, but I couldn't have asked for a better singer than Mimi. This was followed by Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne, Feel by Robbie Williams and My Chemical Romance by Helena. On the song, Teardrop by Massive Attack, she showed her creativity, used a looper and thereby gave the song that certain something with which she enthused her audience. The cover Californication by one of my favorite bands, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, was interpreted in a terrific way and harmonized wonderfully with her sensitive voice. Caroline von Mc Solaar, a French Hip Hop / Rap title, to which she gave so much tact to make me and her fans resonate. She planted a catchy tune in me for the rest of the day. A wonderful song to end this entertaining and special concert. Mimi is such a kind and natural person. She doesn't take herself too seriously and described this concert as a fun concert. I love her pure playful naturalness, which is reflected in her voice, her timbre is so special and beautiful and she has an enormous recognition value. A Mimi Carpenter concert is a relaxed and dreamy experience of a special kind and I can only warmly recommend it to everyone to experience it live. **translated from German**


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