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So it's Saturday night and I am in need of music .. Second life offers an amazing choice of LIVE music by many talented musicians.. Looking down the list one name pops out , Luke Auster . Luke is an old, old friend from way back .I haven't heard Luke for a while as he has been away but , now he is back .So, I made my way to Sweet Swag , The Venue where Luke was singing . I was warmly greeted by Shy, the GM and the owner , Reggie Boucher.

Sweet Swag is an attractive Venue set in scenic landscaped grounds with Waterfalls and bubbling streams. ( Or is that babbling Brooks ? ) You land in a pretty gazebo facing the main club and stage

Luke was already into his first song , I found a space and settled in for what I knew would be a great set. Luke's voice is pure country with an infectious and fun loving way.

Luke had us bouncing with 'One Margarita' and then slipping into 'Country Club'. Followed by ' Every little Thing that You Do' and ' That's How Country Boys Roll'. Throwing in 'If tomorrow Never Comes and a 'Good Time' showing us his versatility. He Sang ' Sweet Home Alabama' and many others . Luke was loving every minute , interacting with his guests and taking requests

Luke hails from Kansas City , moving around the country , Singing was in his blood , as a child , he sang all the time . He found his way into Second life and the 'O' Lounge where he was always singing until one day a venue owner asked him to sing in their club. Then one day he walked into my place and asked if I took Country singers, this isn't so strange as Country has it's origins in Blues . So I said yes and he was a Hit:)

Luke Delivers his shows with high energy and an infectious laugh , loving every minute . Look for him . You will not be disappointed :)) This musician can sing:)



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