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Lexus Melodie @ Cape Halcyon 3/4/21

Updated: May 23, 2021

Saturday evening I visited the beautifully situated Cape Halcyon Venue. A small stage in the middle of a wonderful summer meadow. It exudes so much peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, exactly the right place for the concert of listening to Lexus Melodie.

Lexus is a British singer-songwriter who also has musical RL experience and is not a new face in SL.

She has a very beautiful nature, she radiates joie de vivre and at the same time she shows so much feeling that she all puts into her music. Especially with her own dream songs like Matches, Have a little Faith and Inertia, which she accompanies with her acoustic guitar and sang among many other songs for her audience that evening, she proved this to her audience.

She also gives the exclusive covers she has chosen for her songlist her very personal touch and sings them soulfully, gently and with her unmistakable natural, dreamy and slightly smoky voice, which I love very much.

She has incredible musical and vocal talent and it is a great pleasure to listen to her and to experience a concert with her. I can warmly recommend Lexus Melodie to anyone who would like to have a good time with valuable music outside the mainstream and with an extraordinary voice. Visit her concert!

* translated from German *


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