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Katia Portugal @ Rockstar Island 8/4/21

Updated: May 23, 2021

It's a Thursday , end of the day and time for some music and fun. I made my way to a new Venue, for me, to listen to a very special friend , Katia Portugal. Landing in a glacial landscape, I'm invited to step on the teleporter and be whisked up to a snow covered land surrounded by fir trees and mountains with an amazing Aurora Borealis slowly moving across the night sky . Midnight is best to feel the beautiful effects of the Aurora. Canuck , a Rock musician , is the owner of Rockstar Island and greets us all warmly.

As Always with Katia's show , you are surrounded by a lively interactive crowd ready for a great time

Katia kicked off with Lady Gaga ~' Bad Romance', followed by a powerful ballad , 'Total Eclipse of the Heart',. The we had 'All I wanna Do is Make Love to You' by Heart. By now everybody was in the party mood, hungry for more. Then 'What About Love ' another Heart Tune , delivered by Katia in her own unique style with Amazing passion.

Then Bon Jovi 'Always' and Daft Punks 'Get Lucky' and Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell'.

This is Rock at it's best and I LOVE LOVE Rock , it's Party music , it's Dancing Music , it's Shake your head and Go Wild music, it's amazing , sung by a little power house of a lady with a huge heart and warm personality and incredible vocal talent . You are totally wrapped in Katia's Warmth.

Then a trip back in time with The Kinks 'You really Got me'. Katia was spoiling us and we could not get enough of this Lady. The time was flying by way too fast and all too soon it was over. You come away from Katia's shows exhilarated and definitely with a smile. Katia loves to have people get on stage with her , no one needs a second asking , in this case , Tania, Madam Coffee and RandyAlways jumped on stage to play the drums , keyboard and guitar.

Katia throws herself into her singing with huge energy and passion and an infectious laugh. You just KNOW she is loving every single second and loving the participation . She is right there with her audience, never missing anything in chat. Oh and did I mention ? This Lady can sing , Wow she can sing ! Also, don't be surprised if she suddenly breaks out in Spanish or Portuguese . Katia is Croatian , fluent in five languages and will often greet people in one of those languages. Katia Portugal, If you have a chance , listen to this amazingly talented singer with the beautiful soul.


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