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Jack Dryden @ Cafe Musique 27/01/2021

Updated: May 20, 2021

I Popped over to Cafe Musique today - I love it there - some of the very best performers in sl mixed with the latest crop of promising new talent - how many of today's very best sl artists started off here?

I hadn't seen Jack Dryden before, and country music isnt really my thing* so when he hit the stage wearing a big cowboy hat I inwardly groaned. How little I knew about what was ahead!

Starting wirh two of my favourites from that genre The Gambler (Kenny Rogers) and Hurt (Johnny Cash) he instantly won me over and I knew already I was going to stay for the full gig. I am soo glad that I did!

In a wonderfully crisp acoustic set Jack combined some catchy "cowboy tunes" with some of my all time favourites like Don't Look Back (Oasis) Mr Brightside (Killers) and Fix You (Coldplay). With a clear voice (despite his dry throat) he led us through his set, always taking care to keep it varied along the way. I especially loved his version of Tennessee Whiskey (ok ok I know its country but so what).

His wonderful performance together with his friendly down-to-earth manner made the hour fly by and impressed me so much I even joined his group! Judging by the large crowd of almost 50 at Cafe Musique - including many other performers - I am not alone.

Incidentally, despite the hat, he is from my neck of the woods so I actually understood every word!

* we hope to recruit a specialist country music blogger to Toggle in the near future.

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