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Grace Loudon @ Actually Love 21/5/21

Grace Loudon is a US based singer that can be found all over the grid. Well worth catching up with this sweet voiced woman with an uncommon song list. Grace sings many originals as well as covers. She is a real life singer in a popular (but it's a secret) Christian band. I have known Grace for some time and am always so impressed with her performances.

Grace certainly suits her name, with her soothing voice she moves smoothly from one song to the next. She has an extensive and eclectic songlist and likes to focus on requests from the audience. Every song is done in her own unique style.

Grace learnt to play the guitar just so she could accompany herself in SL and has gone on to create her own backing tracks for a few of her originals. When I asked Grace if she uses backing tracks at all now she replied, "I make my own backing tracks for a few of my tunes - for my originals and some of the more "kicking" songs - I feel like they just need a bit more oomph to make them big and fun. But otherwise, I don't use tracks."

Grace has only been performing in SL for a couple of years but has certainly put alot of effort into perfecting her performance. The backing tracks she creates include drums, bass, cello and piano.

Actually Love is officially a dating agency but they have added regular live entertainment as a service to their clientelle. This event was at the Campfire area but AL has many stage areas. Ariel Jurassic Co-Owner of Actually Love, feels different styles deserve different settings. Which is so true.

Wouldn't it be a perfect love story if you met the person of your dreams at a live music event at a dating agency. Most people there were couples so maybe it has already happened.


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