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Downunder @ Colour of Whispers 3/4/21

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

As his name suggests, Downunder is an Australian RL singer and has also been a much sought-after musician in SL for many years.

In RL he is currently the lead singer in 4 cover bands! He has been following his absolute passion since he was a young boy, music and you can hear it.

Yesterday his fans could see him on the stage of Color of Whispers, a beautiful little venue on the beach that offers the best musicians in SL their stage every day. Due to the relaxed and friendly, family atmosphere there, you immediately feel very comfortable and in good hands.

If you take a look at Down's song list, he could easily fill a program of 4 hours. His songs serve a wide variety of music styles, such as rock, pop, folk and new wave from the 1970s to the present day.

On that day he sang titles like Living on a prayer by Bon Jovi, Take on me by AHA, Don't you by the Simple Minds, The safety dance by Men without Hats, Every little thing she does its magic by Police and Logical Song from Supertramp.

This nice guy next door has a wonderful, confident and broad voice. He can catapult out rough rock songs and is able to sing fine and high notes perfectly and beautifully. You can feel how much professionalism, experience and passion for music there is in him and that he lives and loves what he does.

I will definitely see him on stage again soon and invite everyone to spend a great time with Downunder at one of his next concerts.


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