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David Perdu @ Brays Blues Club 4/4/21

Updated: May 23, 2021

On Sunday evening I was a guest at the concert by David Perdu. A Welsh singer-songwriter who sings a mixture of folk and blues and accompanies on his guitar. The RL musician has been showing his talent for many years, including with his own songs, also on the SL stages.

The concert took place in Brays Blues Club, a friendly venue in a garden and surrounded of trees and hills. A very nice setting to experience live music.

David's music is the softer tones, he covers songs like:

The air that I breath-The Hollies, Cyndi-Lauper-Colors

Paul Weller-you do something to me, Eric Clapton-Running on Faith, Oh Danny Boy-Irish Traditional, Love will tear us apart-New Order, Bob Dylon- don't think twice, Fleetwood Mac- Go your own way -

and he sings it in its own gentle, soulful way and brings us on a completely new musical journey. His voice is so natural, beautiful and expressive that you can forget space and time.

I especially liked his original Eventide and Somebody gonna get hurt, which are musically and lyrically a pleasure.

I became a fan of this reserved but very professional David and I'm looking forward to the next concert.

My express recommendation, visit him next time!

* Translated from German *


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