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At Rossini Events we are privileged to have been chosen to hold fundraising events for some of the most worthy and prestigious charities in Second Life


Humble Beginnings as Valeri pumps up the volume from the back of a flat bed truck and Rossini Events is born

Brique Topaz, CEO Feed a Smile
Brique Topaz, CEO Feed a Smile

At Rossini Events we find nothing more rewarding than our Charity Events.  We provide First Class locations, performers and DJs for the event, all of whom donate their services free of charge.  By using artistes from around the world we are able to organize events to suit most time zone requirements.

Our first event took place in August 2016, with Valeri spinning tunes from the back of a flatbed truck.  It was a huge learning process for us and we managed to raise the princely sum of $2,500L for Relay for Life

Our next event followed in September.  This time we used 3 DJs, each working with their own host.  All the sponsorship packages sold out and we raised an amazing $31,500L for Making Strides breast cancer charity.

In October we held a 2nd larger event for Making Strides, using 4 DJs  and a  live singer.  This time, including sponsorship, we raised the outstanding sum of $39,150.

December saw a change in charity to Feed a Smile, and our

first event split into two sessions to accommodate both Euro

and USA prime time audiences.  Set in a beautiful winter

wonderland, the event raised a heartwarming 20k

for that deserving charity.

                                                                          January 27th 2017 will be a day we will                                                                                 always fondly remember.

                                                                          On that day, using 3 live acts and 7 DJs                                                                                 across 3 continents we raised the                                                                                              staggering sum of  $100,601 for the                                                                                        wonderful Feed a Smile charity







Michael and Brique after our Feed a Smile event

In February we moved our event over to the fabulous Lyrics Ballroom and raised a creditable $56,500 for Feed a Smile

Our March event was held in the wonderful Pavilion at Holly Kai Park.  10 superb singers and DJs entertained us right on the shore of Blake Sea.  By the end of the evening we had raised a magnificent $64,150 for Feed a Smile

April 14th 2017 is a date that we will forever remember with pride.

On that day, at the legendary Lavender Fields venue our 7 DJs and one live singer raised a staggering $501,900 in 8 hours for Feed a Smile.  Over a thousand lindens a minute for 8 hours. - we believe that could be a record!  

All too often in Second Life it seems that all good things must come to an end, and Rossini Events is certainly no exception.  In September 2017 Valeri reached the point where she felt she could no longer continue, and left the group.  Valeri had worked tirelessly to make the group a success and at the time it was felt it would be impossible to continue without her and all group activity ended.

With 2018 came a new year and a new resolution and Michael decided to relaunch Rossini Events on his own, ably assisted by the many friends he had made over the months.

Towards the end of 2017 Michael had launched the Art Aid project (see Art Aid page)  at Commonwealth Village so what better venue to relaunch the Rossini Events charity concerts!

6th January 2018 6 amazing Second Life performers and DJs put on a wonderful evening of music and 51k was raised for Feed a Smile.  Rossini Events was back in business and nobody was more pleased than Brique!

3rd February 2018 6 amazing Second Life performers and DJs put on a wonderful evening of music at Commonwealth Village and 41k was raised for Feed a Smile.  The event was hugely popular, to the extent that the venue soon filled and access was close to impossible for a large part of the evening.  It became clear that in future "We're gonna need a bigger boat!".

Hedy Patrucci opens the event in style

Quartz makes his sensational event debut

Quartz and Max bring the house down

Saturday April 14th 2018 saw the return of our Nautical Smile event at Holly Kai Pavilion on Blake Sea - and what an event it turned out to be!

A star studded line up of Thera D, Donny Collazo,Neomaximus Brandenburg,Viviana Houston,MICHAELjackson Follet,

Max Kleene,Quartz and Jacq Luik gave us an evening to remember, and by the time the curtain came down we had raised the mindblowing sum of 126,000L for the wonderful Feed a Smile Charity !

Thera D opens the event in style

Last minute replacement Donny Collazo does a wonderful job

Italian songstress Viviani

Brique Topaz, CEO Feed a Smile

Terrific entertainment from MICHAELjackson Follet and his dancers

Michael proudly poses with the event total

On Saturday 21st April we held a 7 hour mega event on behalf of our friends at Inspired Dreamwalkers and their Relay for Life charity.  All proceeds from this event went directly to the American Cancer Society.

The event took place at the Piazza at Acoustic Garden and featured some of the very best DJs from the top music venues in Second Life

Each performer gave their time for free in aid of this wonderful cause.

We seek to obtain sponsorship for each event, and in this way boost the revenue for the charity..

We do all of this totally free of charge.  We feel its absolutely essential that the worthy causes we support receive everything.

If you are a performer or a potential sponsor, who is interested in becoming involved with our work, please contact MichaelJ Rossini for an informal chat.

--------------------Sponsors at our events have included----------------------------


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