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Zoolander @ Cafe Musique

Zoolander is a well known occasional Aussie singer. You never know when he's going to pop up due to a busy RL work schedule. But he's worth keeping an eye out for. He was performing at the Cafe Musique Beach Stage. A relaxed and fun outdoor stage that has started the career of many SL singers.

Zoo has been singing in bands in RL on and off since he was a teen and started singing in SL soon after joining almost 13 years ago. His first gig was at The Merry Prankster all those years ago. Covid has put a pause on RL singing but he still loves singing in SL whenever he has the chance.

A regular on the Aussie music scene for many years Zoo has a lot of experience. You can often find him at O Lounge singing or supporting new singers. He sings a wide variety of songs, from Pop, Rock to Blues and Jazz. Always good fun, humble and friendly his love of music and the songs he sings shine out in his performance.


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