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Wolfie Moonshadow @ Temptation Falls

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! Wolfie Moonshadow was rockin' and rollin' at the Pool party at Temptation Falls. I just teleported in tonight, July 22nd, and all I can say is "My ears were thanking me the whole hour."

Wolfie never lets up. He goes from one song to another with the ease of hot buttah :) I could listen to this singer all night. The songs he sang were actually better than the originals. (Sorry original singers, but this man should record in real life....if he doesn't already.)

The work he puts in to each song, is amazing, and his tone is perfect! The tone of each song, and his control of voice is marvelous. I love when a performer can sing more than one genre, and Wolfie can sing them all! If you see him in events - jump in and teleport, you won't be disappointed. Thank you Wolfie for an outstanding performance.

Temptation Falls is having a pool party, all this month, but everyone is welcome to come dressed casually. Miss Browneyes and Mr. Gibb make everyone feel at home, and if you haven't been to this venue, it's worth checking out. You are welcome to click the dance pads, and be moved by the dance guru - Mr. Gibb, or you can jump in the pool and relax as you listen to all the music. I hope you'll visit, and tell 'em Jade sent ya. :)

See you around the Grid. ~Jade ♥


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