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Wes West @ Cafe Musique

As I scanned the "LIVE" events today one of the first listings was for Wes West. Can't forget that name! I remember when he used to play for me at my old club. I remember the first time I heard him sing. That easy-going laid-back feeling that you get when you listen to him. So today I want to go to Cafe Musique to see his show to recapture that feeling once again! Let's go!

I arrived at Cafe Musique and Vicki Eriksen the hostess was very friendly and helpful, thank you Vicki! Cafe Musique is such a friendly, cozy place to come listen to a live show in second life. Laya owns the venue, and it has been around for almost ten years, a long time for a venue to last and remain successful!

I am delighted to see many people that I know here, I used to come here many times when I was first involved in music in Second Life. I am glad to be returning to my roots to reconnect with the music scene in Second Life.

I have always enjoyed listening to Wes sing one of his favorite songs, Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive. He arranged it to make is sound like it is one of his own and he is interacting with the audience so well. Wes is a delight to listen to as usual!

The next song is Black Magic Woman. Wes plays so many songs that people enjoy, and he also plays the guitar while performing. One thing that I love about Wes's music is that he creates his own backing tracks for when he sings.

Next....Down by the Corner by Creedence Clearwater Revival is referred to as "The Cowbell Song" by Wes. People love it when you add a cowbell to a song. Christopher Walken's famous Saturday Night Live line, "I need more cowbell" always comes to mind when I hear the cowbell. Well Wes has it!

Three Dog Night, Momma Told Me Not to Come, what a great rendition. So laidback and easy going. Need more of this in our world today! Another Creedence song, Born on The Bayou was next.

Fleetwood Mac is next, the song Trouble sung by Lindsay Buckingham. I wonder if Wes saw me in the audience and thought that song would be a good fit for me? HAHA just joking Wes, but my boss Michael might agree!

He sings U2- With or Without you very well too! When Wes sings you feel like he is someone you want to know. He is a very warm, sincere person who appreciates people coming to his shows and interacts with them in a way that I appreciate.

To close out his show he sings two songs that he wrote himself. The first song is called Basket Case and his daughter is on this track! She sings with his real-life band on and off when she has the time! This song is about an old flame and how men make mistakes, and they realize what they did wrong and try to apologize. I know a few guys I could send this to. lol

Here are a few of the lyrics and an interpretation!

I'm down on my knees (scrubbing the floor?)

Begging pretty please (oh)

Give me one more try (I've heard it before)

For your love I would die (Life Insurance)

By the way this was part of the song, and I love it! Hey Wes if you find a guy who would scrub the floor for me send him my way!

His next song written by him is called The Edge of Love and his neighbor plays the fiddle on it. Wes says he tends to write a lot of sad songs but that is what music is for, expressing your feelings. So, you keep writing Wes and I will look forward to the happy ones too.

Last song was Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones.

Wes was only in sl for a few months and was at an open mic when Laya the owner of Cafe Musique heard him sing and hired him. This venue was his first official gig in sl and that was in 2015.

Wes presents many great songs of love and the different journeys that each of us are on in our own lives which will embrace you in a warm and cozy atmosphere with gentle smiles and happy memories.

As Wes puts it when you come to his show. Sit back take your shoes off or stand and jump around! Wes in is the house!

Until next time always make me smile when listening to your shows.


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