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Tillen Avers @ Crabby's

Today, I decided to have my morning coffee at the computer and what better way to have it than while indulging in a very special treat - - a live music concert in SL! I found myself at Crabby's. Crabby's combines two of my most favorite things, the beach and great music! It is a wonderful tropical setting, everyone there was very warm and friendly. Crabby's is a great place to dance your time away or just sit back and relax in a beach chair!

The reason I found myself at Crabby's: Tillen Avers. Tillen is from Moscow, Russia. She has performed professionally in real life for 15 years and has a number of albums to her credit. She has a repertoire that includes the music of bands such as Queen, Scorpions, Roxette, Evanescence, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne, just to name a few. She opened her set with "Here Without You", originally by 3 Doors Down, followed by "Dreamer" from Ozzy Osbourne. While the Classic Rock and Heavy Metal influences are easy to note in Tillen's renditions, her next song "Everything I Do, I Do It For You", a Brian Adams piece, showed how talented and versatile she is. She was able to impart a lovely, delicate tenderness to her rendition.

"Friends Will Be Friends" by Queen was her next song followed by an audience request. She continued with "Dust in the Wind". Tillen's next song was "Maybe I Maybe You". She absolutely blew me away with her rendition of this Scorpions piece. Her set was jam packed with music, as she followed up with "The Winner Takes It All". Tillen delivered an emotional, powerfully moving rendition. "Try", "It Must Have Been Love", "Don't Speak" and "Never Alone" were the next songs. Tillen closed her set with an outstanding performance of "Forever And One".

When someone connects so beautifully with her music and is able to move her audience the way Tillen does, that makes her a true artist! Be sure to catch one of her shows!


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