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Shaye Dezno @ TAO ( Together as One) HALLOWEEN 2021

I knew of Shaye of course, being in the music scene, but had never heard her as we walk in different time zones. Oh my ! What have I been missing? This Lady has THE MOST captivating voice , worth staying up FOR in the wee small hours , not that I had to for this show . We were at the TOGETHER AS ONE HALLOWEEN EVENT in aid of research into Children's Cancer , held and organised by 11Winter11 and his partner Holly Giles with the amazing help of BB Woodford , Liam and Olde soul , BB , KissiTulip to name just few.

Shaye launched into ' Sweet Dreams ' by Annie Lennox , which is one of my all time favourites , followed by 'Tush ' . I could write here all the very true descriptions of Shaye's voice and style . A powerhouse is one of these descriptions and she certainly is , a fabulous voice with a slight huskiness . Sometimes , I close my eyes , shut everything else out and listen . I Listened to every note Shaye sang, absorbing the beauty of a stunning voice . And Shaye has an incredible , captivating voice

Shaye shared with us the sadness of her brother who had Leukemia and sang ' Angels in Waiting ' sending shivers down my spine .

Shaye gave us ' Dark Horse' and 'Baby Outlaw ' and many others . I was so lost in her singing , I forgot to make notes . The whole room was captivated by her , toe tapping to the fast songs and simply listening and feeling with the slow ones. She is at one with every song she sings and carries you along with her , taking you on a musical journey that you don't want it to end.

The 'Room '' was an Amazingly decorated stage setting for Halloween with Ghosts , Spiders and skeletons, eerie and spooky, created by Winter and Holly and their team

I asked someone , what do you say about someone with a voice like this , He said there aren't enough descriptions

. Shaye Dezno , you blew me away with your exquisite voice and performance. I hope to be able to hear you again , soon


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