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Shamrock Defibrillator @ Sinful Retreat & Janus Galleries / Semina’s Exhibit "Unsolicited"

Last Saturday evening I had a triple pleasure. I was again a guest at Chucks and Jewels, Sinful Retreat & Janus Galleries. With their great love for exhibiting art, these two always manage to find incredibly creative people here in SL to give them a space to be able to share their art with us. They not only provide a space, but together with the artist create a suitable environment and ambience, which really impressed me about this exhibition.
That evening the occasion was the exhibition “Unsolicited” by the SL musician Semina. She found a special way to deal with the unsolicited photos of some of her male “fans”. But I don't want to give too much away, visit the exhibition and see with your own eyes (little tip, zooming out is also very worthwhile in this case!) At least I had a lot of fun!


The third highlight was the musician Shamrock Defibrillator, who was on stage that evening for the opening.

I didn't know him before and was completely unprepared for what to expect, because actually I just wanted to look at pictures. But what I then heard was unique.

The completely relaxed and very humorous Shamrock gave us his incredible voice for an hour, accompanied by his guitar. Original songs, wonderful soul music, which he got from deep inside and which he let rise to unbelievable heights with naturalness, blew me away and I literally stood there with my mouth open. The voice is pure soul and feeling, it cannot leave you untouched.

I couldn't be happier about this successful evening of art and live music and I can't wait to be back at his next concert.

My absolute recommendation for all Soul Music Lovers !!!

**translated from German**

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