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Sassy Nitely @ After Dark Lounge

Wow!! .... That was the first word to come to mind when Sassy started singing.

Sassy , who hails from the country capital of the world Nashville TN is a musician in real life and performs there as well as being part of the live music scene in second life since 2008.

After spotting some chickens on the dancefloor , Sassy thought it appropriate to start off with a few animal songs , being Pony by Ginuwine and Black Horse and a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall. Her other songs included Jann Arden , Colbie Caillat , Christina Perri and a rap medley which blew me away (this was because I can say I'm not a real fan of the genre) but if more rap was like Sassy's I think I could be converted.

To describe her voice is hard because it has so many qualities to it. From gritty lower ranges to ( yes I will dare to say it ) angelic mid and high ranges , sometimes with a hint of Celine Dion to them , this artist had me and the crowd of 50 odd people enthralled from start to finish (which came far too soon).

I had never heard Sassy before today but I'll be sure to stalk her (in a non creepy way ) from now on.

To finish her set with my request of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen just put the cherry on top of what was one of the best concerts I've seen in second life.

The venue ,After Dark Lounge, is located in a lovely sim which offers a wide variety of activities , as well as it's very own burlesque theatre. The Lounge itself is very well laid out and has that warm cosy feel ,like you just stepped into your favourite club . I will definately be going back for more of the After Dark Lounge and the performers they have to offer!


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