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RyeShure Peony live @ Crabby's

As soon as Ryeshure Peony began her gig I knew I was staying right where I was. This woman's voice range is mind blowing. She has a throaty quality that suits slower melodies perfectly and then when she hits those high notes her voice becomes so powerful .

Starting off with Alanis Morrissette , Rye then sang Shallow from A Star Is Born and I have to say I was in shock , her vocals melted me , a pure joy to behold . She followed up with Joan Osbourne - What If God Was One Of Us , Cher - Do You Believe In Love , The Cranberries and finished with Beyonce's - Halo .

It was very hard to pick a favourite of hers but I have to say while I was listening to her I could hear a touch of Tina Turner in her voice , so I requested Proud Mary and all I can say is "WOW" ,she completely nailed it , her voice could easily be mistaken for Tina's .

Rye is relatively new to the second life scene but already has quite the fan base following her . She has that talented voice that could sing anything she wanted to and do it as good as the original , but saying that , she adds her own unique style to her songs . Her bubbly personality and ability to treat everyone as an old friend only added to her appeal .

In closing , this was the first time I've seen Rye perform but it definately wont be my last , she has just found another fan .

I went to Crabby's a little early to walk around the sim and am so glad I did . The stage is the centre of attention as you arrive but you're soon distracted by the beautiful landscape of palm trees swaying in the gentle ocean breeze , golden sands and grass huts ,complete with Tiki Bar .

Everything about Crabby's just oozes "relaxation" like you've just arrived at your favourite summer holiday destination and all there is to do is lay back with your beverage of choice and take in the beachy vibe and live performers that are a regular there .

Dremy and Rocker ( who is a well known performer in his own right) are the owners of this lovely sim and host live music 3 times a week , with thursday being their biggest day which includes a huge 3 shows in the morning followed after a break (probably to catch their breath and have a bathroom pause) by another 4 performances .

Rocker and Dremy have owned Crabby's for just over 2 years now and are together in real life . When I asked Dremy where she got the name for the sim from she told me "We named it Crabbys because I'm from MD.( Maryland ) US . The state of the Blue Crabs" and crabs there are aplenty skittering across the sands , and if you look closely you might just see some awfully cute monkeys getting up to mischief . So if you're looking for a concert or just a place to unwind with your partner or alone ,head on down to Crabby's you'll soon make friends .

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