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Rogue Galaxy @ Malolo Island

Arriving at Malolo Island Venue on the dock , I landed in the wrong place and Dear Katia sent me a Teleport , whisking me to the front of the stage . Stepping on toes , I found a space and my friend Ann offered me her Hud. I am , now , in Rock and Blues heaven.

Malolo Island was having a Memorial to honour the loss of so many who died on that horrific day Sept 11 . The stage was a stunning backdrop of the New York Skyline pre 9/11 when the towers were intact. A reminder.

Rogue came on stage and launched into 'Standing on Shaky Ground ' , having the room rocking at the 'Get Go' . I know Rogue , having heard her many times and I have never , ever , ever tired of hearing her sing . She is SO passionate about music , a truly lovely, generous lady , with a powerhouse of a voice hitting every note perfectly . From ' Standing on Shaky ground ' , Rogue brought us to a serious moment asking us all to observe a minutes silence in honour of 9/11 and all those who were lost . And silence fell . Then out of the silence came 'Imagine' by John Lennon, sung with such tender and touching emotion , sending shivers down my spine.

Rogue went on to sing 'Sweet Home Chicago' and 'Big Ten Inch Record' sung in a cheeky style which only Rogue can do , followed by Eric Clapton's 'Before You Accuse Me' , and Stevie Nicks ' Landslide ' one of my all time favourites . Rogue has an amazing range belting out Rock and Blues , then she sings something like this and I go silent absorbing every touching note. It's one of those moments when you say nothing at all , not wanting to break the magic spell that Rogue has woven.

Rogue took the time to tell the moving story of Doug Seeger before singing his 'Down To The River' . If you don't know the story 0f Doug , check it out , it's so heart felt with a happy ending or new beginning .

Rogue gave us such classics as , 'I heard it through The Grapevine' , 'Into The Mystic' , 'Give Me The Beat Boys ' . She clearly enjoys every single minute with her delightful laughter and stunning voice.

Rogue entertains you , pulling you in and taking you on a magical musical journey . From having you dancing in your seat to shedding a tear or two , you feel her emotion . Rogue Galaxy , an amazing artist .

During the show a helicopter landed on a nearby helipad and I got slightly side tracked admiring the skilfully executed landing , the first of 3 helicopters which came in to land so forgive me if I slip a couple of pictures here. Tries not to wax lyrical about things that fly and sail . Malolo Island is owned by Maximos Slade , fashioned on a Sicilian seaside village . It's a pretty scenic spot leading to the Blake Sea , a Haven for Boats , planes , helicopters and race tracks . Looking around I spotted a restaurant also. A perfect spot . Maximos arranged a fly past of the SL Blue angels , which they did twice , as we missed them the first time . I didn't even know there was a 'Blue Angels' but going to check them out now.

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