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Phil Setner @ TAO (Together As One) 2021

Phil starts with warm welcomes and big hugs to all. Super poppy tunes in the background, and his Scottish accent is marvelous!

This mix is perfect! His vocals ride over the top of the backing tracks just a tad as they should. When he sings, the accent is very discreet, and his ability to hold and carry a note with consistency and without power loss or change in tone is exceptional!

Phil's cover of Rod Stewarts - Handbags & Gladrags was stunning! He incorporated this gritty vocal sound that provided such a nice little extra to the already fantastic song. I just kept catching myself saying. Who is this man? He sings like an angel, and I love it! The highs are not overreaching, and the lows are clear and defined; it's brilliant.

There is just a feeling and sense that Phil is having an AMAZING time while singing his heart out, which is apparent in the sound, making the whole show gripping, addictive, and wanting MORE!

Phil flipped everything around at the end and started singing country songs. What a pleasant surprise! The man can sing with a country twang that makes it sound as though he was born and raised in the heart of Texas!

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