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Mimi Carpenter @ TAO Halloween Festival for KIKA

For Mimi, it was very early on Sunday morning in Toronto when she started her show. She was still half asleep, she noticed right from the start, which I found very sympathetic. But I've liked Mimi's natural and carefree manner for a long time anyway. Like the girl with the guitar next door, she is friendly, a bit dreamy and that comes out again and again in her music in addition to all the talent and experience and it is precisely this charm that makes her so special and lovable in my eyes.

With an announcement and in her very personal way, she gave us an hour with a little quieter and more thoughtful tones. In addition to some French titles, she sang:

Lifehouse - Storm
Sting - Fields Of Gold
Coldplay Speed ​​Of Sound
Counting Crows - Colorblind
Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane
Massive attack - teardrop
MC Solaar - Caroline

Mimi sings all the tracks in her very own, unmistakable Mimi way, she always stays true to herself and goes beyond genres that you would not initially associate with calm music. But she manages to make a Nirvana song herself or, as in the case of Caroline, a rap song. In addition to her beautiful, warm, soft voice, I like her special kind of looping with her "hissing" what stays in the ear.

It is always a special experience to see her live!

**translated from German**


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