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Melly Faith Sinclair Byron @ The Blue Clover

So, I am sitting in my favorite chair at TFM Headquarters, drinking my Pina Colada, watching the sun set, enjoying the evening breeze, listening to the wind chimes, and watching the boats drift by. All dressed up in my current favorite dress for a Friday night out. With all my sisters, let us just say, otherwise occupied………. I contemplated where I wanted to spend my own evening.

Out of nowhere came the group message from Melly’s Faithfuls: “Hey Everyone!! Are you ready to rock? Melly Faith will be on stage at Blue Clover and of course there will be lots of great music and major partying going on. Grab your friends and join us. Here is your limo…”

I love to hear Melly sing! There was no question on what to do next, so I responded along with a few other fans, “On my way, Melly!” Swallowing the last of my drink, I quickly changed into my current favorite pair of jeans and jumped into the limo.

On arrival, I found myself surrounded by a beautiful fall forest with a strange, but intriguing, blue fog swirling around my feet. In the distance, I could see the strobing, twirling, flashing lights from the outdoor venue, The Blue Clover.

Melly was already immersed in song when I reached the dance floor. As I started to dance, I received a friendly greeting by the venue owner, Brad Blackwood, who was dancing nearby. There was a small group of fans in attendance, compared to what I had seen in the past, but everyone seemed to be having a great time, and most importantly, enjoying the music!

Melly performed many songs from her diverse song list, a mixture of Show tunes, Country, and Pop. Using her rich, youthful, passionate, and sometimes twangy voice, Melly sang James Arthur – Naked; From the Greatest Showman – A Million Dreams, the Kelly Clarkson version of Never Enough, and This is Me; Julia Michaels – Little did I know; Lady Gaga – Shallow. My personal Favorite, Dear Future Husband, had me dancing and singing in my RL chair. Melly ended the show with a Movie Mega Remix of Grease. The crowd LOVED it! With her usual sweet, bubbly personality and contagious laugh, Melly interacts with her audience in between songs. Occasionally, laughing at her own performance mistakes.

Talking with Melly after the show we discussed her thoughts on the night’s performance. How she thought it went, what improvements she would like to make, as well as her own personal public performance struggles.

Ending our conversation Melly made one last statement that would leave no one to wonder about her commitment to her career, her fans, and the music:

“Honestly, I just want to make people smile through music and if I can do that, I just feel like my job is complete.”

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