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Mar Biddle @ Viviennes Jazz

I found that I had the rare day off with time free to explore the many wonderful places that SL has to offer. Wasn't long before I found myself at Vivienne's Jazz where Mar Biddle was performing.

Arriving a few moments early, I find a lovely venue with many places one could discover, relax and take in a dance with that someone special. I found the owner, Wilodonny and the patrons very kind and welcoming.

Vivienne's Jazz Club is located in the picturesque landscape of Butterfly Island. On the grounds, you will find Art first sight one assumes its simply a warehouse, yet with one glance inside you can see it beholds an abundance of gorgeous artwork. This month they chose to showcase the artistic talents of Fly Kugin.

Mar Biddle takes the stage and its not long before I could feel that she belonged there. Soft-spoken yet full of emotion.

Perusing her songlist I find that she arsenal of crowd favorites. She began her set with Sarah Vaughns - Lullaby Of Birdland.. filling the hour with many greats.. including Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime, Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way, Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine, and Chris Stapleton - Tennesse Whiskey, a song sung by almost e'ryone, her take on it gave it a fresh feel.

The gem of the hour had to be, in my opinion, her rendition of Frank Sinatra's My Way. Though she sung it in french, its well-known and was beautifully sung, that it didn't matter if I understood the words, I felt them.. finding myself singing along

The hour, relaxing and chill, flew by way too quickly. I left as it ended knowing I'd return again soon.


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