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Lexus Melodie @ TAO (Together As One) 2021

Lexus begins her show with hellos, hugz and mentions why we gather to support the TOA Haloween event. Her delivery and tone here brought the crowd into it at the drop of the first note.

Her cover of Price Tag - Jessie J was superb! It was very upbeat and well put together. Her acoustic guitar tone is lovely! Bright while not overpowering and fits very well with her voice. I had never heard her perform before, but I was quickly delighted and very excited for more!

While Lexus was strumming away and singing, and the whole feeling was just AMAZING! Playing little drum sounds on the body of the guitar and everything the entire time. Truly sensational!! She was joking in the lyrics, and it just demonstrated her legitimate ability to perform.

I kept saying, "MY GOD!" This woman can sing and play the guitar incredibly well!! Dancing for the first time in public with the love of my life and Lexus's music filled my heart and soul with maximum joy during the whole show! I kept catching myself thinking. "Is this happening right now? Someone, please, pinch me now I am dreaming!"

Lexus has this bright-sounding voice the is intriguing and inviting. These slight inflections and her accent peak through at various moments in the song that filled the sound and feeling it was bringing quite well! All of it making me want MORE and MORE! Then Lexus did a cover of I Am the Walrus - The Beatles and incorporated lyrics into it "We are here together as one" and my face just smiled ear to ear with delight. She was not distracting from the music in any way but adding to it incredibly! Several times, she mixed in her little on the fly version of the lyrics, and they were all very clever and well done.

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