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Kris Composer @ The Sheworthy Pub

I spoke briefly with Kris just before his gig and told him I'd be doing a blog on him . His first response was "I'll behave".

When I asked him if he still gets a touch of the nerves before a show he responded with " It's different now than when I started , I get mixed feelings , energy ,happiness and fun".

Kris has been performing in second life since 2018 and has gathered quite a following if the size of the crowd was any indication. It was only the start of his gig and already it was getting hard to find an empty spot on the dance floor.

He got the crowd jumping from the first song which was Billy Idol's- Rebel Yell , followed by Imagine Dragon's- Radioactive and Give me all your loving by ZZ Top which preceded a beautiful song of his own making called Dream In Reality.

Kris' vocals are quite ranging , he has that raspy quality when he's belting out a rock song that I love and then he can make you swoon with a soft love song .

To finish off his set Kris performed Tom Jones' - It's Not Unusual" and to be honest I was waiting for the girls in the crowd to start throwing their underwear on stage , and his last song said it all , We Will Rock You By Queen which had the crowd singing along in local including yours truly..

Kris is a true performer ,getting the crowd involved not just with his voice , but his humour , even going as far as saying hello personally to everyone in the pub (which would have been quite an ordeal ) and he did it as if everyone was a personal friend . You could tell he feeds off a crowd , the more he gets from them the more he loves it ,this is why he performs ,not for self gain or money but for you and me and if he see's us enjoying him that gives him that adrenaline rush that makes it all worthwhile.

As usual the set went way too fast , a set that I and the large crowd thoroughly enjoyed . I'll be keeping an eye ( and ear ) on Kris in the future and I hope you get the chance to see him perform ,if you haven't already .

When I arrived at The Sheworthy Pub (for the first time) I was taken aback as I entered . It was like stepping into my local hotel . The interior had that welcome home feeling , the bar , set in the middle of the room with dancefloor all around to easily cope with the large crowd that had already gathered , was well stocked with every drink you could imagine .

Annie Panties is the owner and has had the Sheworthy for 2 years now and really done an amazing job with it .

I took a stroll around the Pub and was pleasantly surprised with some of the amusements they have there , which includes a pinball machine , a gypsy fortune teller arcade machine and something I've never seen before, an arm wrestling table where you can test your strength (or lack of ) against friends or foes.

So if you're ever in need of some live music ,friendly people and a great atmosphere to enjoy them in ,make sure you visit The Sheworthy , you might have trouble leaving ..


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