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Katie Portugal @ TAO (Together As One) HALLOWEEN 2021 Event

I was very happy when our schedule for TAO came out that I got to choose to write a blog on Katia. I was very impressed the first time I ever heard her sing; she is the type of person I like to call an artiste. I so enjoy singers that can also entertain and that is what Katia does, she is always so upbeat! Was so happy to see a friend of mine EvAngelina Swordthain who I have known for some time. She is a great hostess and in fact is in the DJ and Host Hall of Fame in Sl and is also Katia's assistant!

When I arrived, there were so many people here for TAO, great to see so many people including two from our blog group Talia and Aqua. I should explain what TAO is first. Winter a great singer is the TAO Owner and Festival co-coordinator. His partner Holly Giles another great performer is the Manager and Raffles Manager. Winter was kind enough to explain TAO to me. "Our one and ONLY aim is to raise money for children's Charities through mainly a Live music festival!" They have 4 events per year in Second Life at this location and this weekend's event supports KIKA, the Children's Cancer Society located in the Netherlands! There is one tip jar and everything that is donated to it goes directly to Kika. It was great to come to this TAO event, they have 3 other events during the year.

Katia is an excellent performer; she is always energetic and very friendly to the audience. I really believe that this is a sign of a good artist. She is explaining how to donate to TAO in good faith.

She started with a few songs and then "I Put a Spell on You" by Annie Lennox. Because this is TAO’s Halloween event, she sings in the voice of a witch from time to time. I think it’s great! Of course, she has a Halloween theme! As you can see in the photo above, she is dressed as a witch. If you weren't here to listen to this song, you missed a great performance, and she sang a great version.

She continues after the song to greet people at her show. Oh, the next is Thriller by Michael Jackson! I even have the thriller dance animation, so it makes it so much fun! So, at the end she laughs like a witch again, she does that so well! Katia puts so much thought into her songs. People continue to come into the sim to hear Katia!

Next song is Zombie by The Cranberries not an easy song to sing, as you can imagine Katia performed it so good!

Oh, love the next song SOS by Abba, so when you're near me, darling can't you hear my

S. O. S. Opps! stop that Carmen this is Katia's show! Ha! Sorry but Abba makes me want to sing and Katia helps you to get into the song!

Oh, another Abba song, The Winner Takes It All. Katia adds another Halloween touch to her song with her wonderful witchy laugh! How can a witch sound that good!

Sadly, it seems we must close out Katia's show. When you go to one of her shows you just want the fun feeling to continue. I love the performers who make you smile from the time they start singing to the end! That is what Katia does for me and I am sure will for you also!

Katia is originally from Croatia living in Portugal that is why she occasionally sings in Portuguese along with Italian and Spanish! She is one of those performers who really enjoys performing for her audience. She has a wide choice of songs from Rock to show tunes! Next time you are in sl try to take in one of her shows!

Thank you, Katia and Eva! Also, a big thank you to Winter for giving me info on TAO! Hope your festival is a great success. You can still catch the festival for the rest of the day on Saturday and all of Sunday

Until the next blog....



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