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JimmyT49 Dukes @ Club Rising Blue Light Lounge

Spinning around in the full-length mirror, I examine my choice of dress from Mary Poppins Carpet bag, also known as my closet. Today’s current favorite outfit is a red, plaid skirt and top with black, thigh high boots. Pleased with my choice, I then gaze into the mirror at my reflection. Hair and makeup are good. The limo, from JimmyT49 Fan Group, arrived just as I finished freshening up my lipstick.

“GOT blues? Feeling pretty good today and really feel like rocking the rafters at club rising. Care to join?

The limo dropped me on the sidewalk, in front of the blue, neon door of, Jason Oceans, Blue Light Lounge. I grab the hem of both sides of my skirt give it a hard tug. Satisfied that everything is where it should be, I enter the building.

The show was not due to start for another 15 minutes, so I bought myself a beer and had a seat at the bar. After a quick phone call, I sent the limo out to pick up five of my friends to join me for the show.

In the lounge, the lights are low. Behind the bar, there is dark blue paper on the walls, accented with a blue, back lit tile design complimented by a glossy, black brick floor. I admire the large oil paintings of famous musicians covering the walls. The blue neon lights running along the edge of the steps outlining the seating area. Tropical plants strategically placed at each end of the bar. At the far end of the room, on a small corner stage, wearing black jeans and a music tee, guitar hanging from a strap around his neck, is our star of the night, Jimmyt49.

Jimmy was having sound problems and for a few minutes it was feared that the show would be canceled. But, alas, to everyone’s relief, a backup mic saved the evening. The men cheered and the women swooned as the sound of an electric guitar followed by Jimmy’s deep, sexy voice filled the room. By half time the room was pretty much to capacity.

Among the songs performed were Stevie Wonder – Superstition; Pat Travers – Snortin’ Whiskey; a beautiful instrumental by Kenny G – Kenny G Home. With encouragement from Jimmy, the crowd sang along with Kenny Wayne Sheppard’s – Blue on Black. The set finished with John Henry.

Unfortunately, due to a region crash, I was unable to talk with Jimmy after the show. Back in my living room, I smile as I think about his deep, throaty chuckle. One that could make a girl forget her religion. Until next time Jimmy…………

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