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Jae Sands @ Love & Harmony Jazz Venue

So, I am back! Thanks, Michael, for being so patient with me. Sometimes real life has a way of grabbing us away from this virtual world, but I tackled what needed to be done and now I am refreshed and ready to knock out some great blogs!

I can't imagine a better person to write about at this moment than my old friend Jae Sands! I used to manage Jae for several years and we have been through a lot together. Now let's get blogging!

Tonight, Jae is singing at Love & Harmony Jazz venue. As I entered the venue the delightful Nony Barbelos greeted me. She was very kind and friendly when I arrived. She has been a hostess in second life for some time and it was nice to be greeted by a familiar friendly face.

Alon Ryland the Manager of Love & Harmony continued to make me feel welcomed as I arrived, he was also very pleasant. The venue here is very spacious but also still feels cozy because of the warmth of the people who come here. It was a joy to come to this venue tonight.

Love & Harmony is owned by Orchid Delmar.

Jae's stream is now up and running just like the old days! This is when you just sit back and listen, this is the world of Jae Sands who as a child lived and breathed the music and the mechanics of crooners, learning the inflections and the very tones of Sinatra’s voice.

If you close your eyes, you think your listening to Frank Sinatra. If you have never heard Jae, you are in for a treat, he is Mr. Personality all wrapped up with the voice of some of the famous crooners from years gone by.

Jae started out with Lou Rawls, "See You When I Git There", that got things moving!

He continued with a Chicago song; you can't go wrong with one of those!

Next up is Fever, watch it because Jae can give you a fever when he sings this song, the temperature is rising, he sings this so well!

Jae is in the groove so now he is taking us to a trip to the moon as only Jae can do, "Fly me to the Moon" is next!

Jae sings so many great songs and I wanted for him to at least get in one of my ultimate favorites! I had forgotten the name of the one song he always said was my favorite. It was just like Jae to remember that song and sing it for me! Frank Sinatra "Where or When", what a great song!

Jae has a wide range of songs he sings, now he is going in a different direction with a couple songs by The Duprees.

The next song was After the Lovin'. Jae has a personality which really comes across to the audience. I took the time to look around and I noticed that there were people in the audience that have followed him for years, that is a true testament to a good entertainer.

So, as I was just getting comfortable the show was over! Sometimes I think singers should sing for ninety minutes at least. But you can always join Jae’s group and follow him around the grid! His next show is Monday!

It was like coming home tonight listening to Jae!

Thank you Jae and Love & Harmony Jazz!

Carmen...Let the music speak! Until next time!


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