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Holly Giles @ TAO Halloween Festival for KIKA

I have been looking forward to this event, the TAO Halloween Festival, for the benefit of KIKA for weeks. With an incredible amount of love and work, Winter and Holly, the organizers, and all their hard-working helpers achieved a small miracle. The ambience of the entire sim is breathtaking and the ideas and the variety of offers to support the project in the best possible way is terrific.

The first artist of the TAO Festival for KIKA is the beautiful Holly Giles and with her on stage are the wonderful cheerleaders of the SLCS, which is a grandiose prelude to 3 days of full musical enjoyment at its finest.

Holly brought one great song after another and obviously had a lot of fun doing it, which immediately put the audience in the right mood. With her beautiful, powerful and slightly rough voice, she presented us with titles such as:

All small things,

Hooked on a feeling,

Nutbush City Limits,


Made for you,

I'll be there,


Even if she doesn't want to be classified as country singers and i think she doesn't belong there either, as she is much more versatile, I especially love hearing this style from her. Her voice and her energy are perfect and it is great fun to listen to the likeable Australian.

**translated from German**


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