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Grace McDunnough @ Library Land

Valibrarian Gregg offered a teleport to this wonderful event at the Library Land. (Which will be ongoing.)

Grace was singing, with just her guitar. Her voice was awesome with clear tone and clarity, as she strummed the lovely chords to tell her stories in song. I felt I was in a cafe, listening to a musician that was singing from her heart. Each note, hit to perfection.

Her original compositions made me smile - such as "The Bird Song - Whippoorwill". If you like listening to acoustic guitar, you'll love listening to Grace. She's available to sing at many SL venues, so Check out her profile! She's also, available for booking.

The Library in SL is extraordinary under the supervision of Valibrarian. Val is always coming up with the best Events, and Tours. The Music Cafe is light and airy, with beautiful stained glass windows, and the deco is delightful!

The crowd was really enjoying the songs that Grace was singing. There were lots of toe tapping and I invite you to join the group to keep an update on events, or go visit the Library and talk to Val about all it has to offer. You'll always have a great time there, writing, talking, and reading. And, as a'll be invited to amazing events like this one. :)

~ See you around the Grid. Jade♥


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