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Gary Jonstone @ TAO Halloween Festival for KIKA

On the TAO stage, we were able to welcome another extraordinary voice that day. Gary Jonstone, the well-known and very popular country singer, came on stage with the best costume for my taste;) The good mood was already inevitable. I have to regret again and again to find out how little country music can be heard here in Germany and therefore unfortunately I have no experience of this kind of music. But I like them more and more and the thanks of such wonderful musicians like Gary, who convey exactly what I think is what defines this style of music. (The connoisseur should please correct me) These are the everyday stories from the life of the “simple American”, told in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner, and packed with a lot of feeling in a beautiful musical way. There is a large portion of masculinity and adventure but also romance, which makes it so special. But what I can say with absolute certainty is that I was completely enthusiastic about this performance by Gary. He has such a perfect, pleasantly deep and strong voice, he conveys the right feeling that these songs need and I buy each of his songs from him.

What an experience! After the concert, Gary whispered some of his songs to me, for which I would like to thank you again. It ain't my fault - Brothers Osborne, I'm to blame- Kip Moore, Standing outside the fire-Garth Brooks, Wrecking Ball-Eric Church, Yeehaw-Jake Owen, Hillbilly bone- Blake Shelton.

**translated from German**


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