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Gary Johnstone @ Red River Saloon

Sept. 7, 2021

I was lying on my left side, stretched out, on the blue and white, oriental rug in my living room, my head propped up on one elbow, listening to music. Completely exhausted from a full day of clothes shopping with my BFF, Misty Rhodes. I know, I know…Mary Poppins Carpet Bag, also known as my closet, really doesn’t have room for much more but my co-blogger, Kandy, introduced me to a great new store. What’s a girl supposed to do?

Cuddling next to me were my two brown and white Bassett Hounds. Napoleon was laying on his stomach with his head resting on his paws, taking a nap. Dixie was laying on her back next to me happily wagging her tail while I gave her a belly rub with my free hand.

My cell phone sprang to life, I reached over and picked it up, being careful not to knock over the half full glass of red wine beside it. There I found a text message from the Johnstoners Group: “Gary Johnstone @ Red River Saloon 5pm slt! Howdy All! Who’s bringing tacos to Red River? Come dance the night away! See ya there!”

To Dixie’s disappointment, I sat up, pulling my knees to my chest, and read the message again. Plan A was to drink a glass of wine; eat take-out; drink another glass of wine or two, maybe three? Put on my favorite pajamas and crawl into bed. In that order! However, being the Gary Groupie I am, plan B was born. I quickly stood up, retrieving the wine glass from the floor. I drain the glass with one swallow, wouldn’t want to waste it, and put the empty glass on the coffee table. Wearing a pair of blue jeans shorts and a gray tank that I purchased earlier in the day, although not really a country theme, I was certain no one would have complaints.

The limo dropped me in front of an old western style, wooden structure, the entrance to the Red River Saloon. As I joined the dance line, I was greeted by the friendly hostess, Sienna Thor. Be still my heart! A shirtless, Gary had already taken the stage addressing the audience in a rich, deep voice that couldn’t be any sexier if he tried…… And guess what? Of all things, he was really looking for the tacos! I have made a mental note to send him food before his next show.

Gary performed Sawyer Brown’s -Some Girls Do; Cody Jinks’ – Last Call For the Blues; Joe Nichols’ – Brokenheartsville; Brothers Osborne – It Ain’t My Fault; Zac Brown Band – Toes (Life Is Good); Jamie Johnson – In Color. The crowd cheered and a few fans sang along with Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire; Cody Johnson – Dance Her Home; Roger Miller – King of the Road; Conway Twitty – Lay You Down; Blake Shelton-Hillbilly Bone; Kip Moore – I Left Something Turned On At Home. Which one was my favorite? Well, any song coming out of Gary’s mouth is my favorite! But if I must choose one, being a HUGE Johnny Cash fan, I must agree with the masses.

My only disappointment about the show, was Gary’s wife, Shaye Dezno, was unusually absent. I was hoping to hear one of their magical duets. It is my understanding that she has been ill and unable to perform. So, please Shaye, get better soon and come back to us.

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