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Gabriel da Silva @ HULA ROCK CLUB

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

So tonight, I stopped over to see two favorite things... Gab who is singing and Roc and Lawli of Hula. So, every couple weeks Roc Ninetails, an old friend of mine will DJ at Hula Rock Club right before Gabriel da Silva so I thought I would stop over a few minutes early before Gab's show.

As soon as I arrived Lawli who owns Hula along with Roc greeted me. Roc was djing but also took the time to say hi to me. I love this venue; it has that cozy feeling along with having a tropical feel to it. They specialize in playing and singing rock here so of course that is a natural to have Gab sing here.

Something that I feel is not mentioned enough is all the great talent that transfers from the real world to Second Life. Roc for years was responsible for putting up stages in real life for many of the famous musical acts of our time in California. Hit him up some time to let him tell you about the stories!

You cannot talk about great real-life talent coming to second life without including Gabriel da Silva in that category! If it was not for sl I would have never been fortunate enough to be able find out about Gabriela da Silva's music! I have been coming to his shows for years and for me he just continues to get better.

So, Gab arrives, and he is always very efficient at having his stream start right on time! From the moment the stream is turned on Gab takes off into a medley of one great rock song to another. He comes out full force and he just keeps going for about the first 15 minutes. He really is nonstop which is great. For me that helps to really get you in the mood for some rock!

I just love some of the dynamic songs he sings at his of those is Something in Your Mouth by Nickelback. Shortly after this I look around and just like that, I am surrounded by many of Gab's faithful fans. He has an amazing fan base!

Next one up is Poison by Alice Cooper, and what is a great rock show without Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry.

Gab has a method of assembling tunes that compliment one another. Moving between songs is consistently a smooth transition for him. He plays with confidence, has extraordinary musicianship and he has an incredible tone to his voice.

To be a great entertainer is Second Life it is important to interact with the audience, which he does. He never forgets to thank people for their tips but if he forgets during the show, he will send you a message after the show thanking you. I was very impressed the first time he did that. It is a nice touch!

Dr. Feelgood by Mötley Crüe another incredible melody he sings is up next! Now on to Hail to The King by Avenged Sevenfold. I am not the best at remembering some songs but when Gab starts to sing them suddenly, the names return to my memory and got a little help from Roc lol

This next song has many versions of it, Get Lucky by Daft Punk. I love Gab's version of it, but I bet that you did not know that the Russian Army sang this song, and it was great!

Gab throws in Si tu te vas by Enrique Iglesias, I always love it when he sings a song in another language. I can feel the end of the show is coming unfortunately.

I love it when Gab adds some comedy to his show which is great. He had a request to sing a song and he said the song was very difficult and that between a 1 to 10 the song was for sure a 11 lol He makes me laugh! Important in life don't you think?

Gab is a great entertainer; I always hate it when his shows end. Gab is always faithful to his unique style and his true love which is Hard Rock. But if you ever get to hear him sing songs besides rock you must go to that show too! He has a wide range of songs that he can sing.

Ever hear him play Silent Night on the guitar! Yep, he does that and does it well! Maybe a Christmas show Gab? lol

Until next time Gab!, thanks so much to you, Lawli and Roc!


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