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Djembe @ TAO (Together As One) 2021

Djembe begins his performance with hugs to all in attendance. Thanks to the previous performer, and talks about why we gathered for this fantastic event. The message is well delivered, heartfelt, and had everyone into it immediately.

Djembe has a sensational dreamy and soft tone that makes the music he sings inviting and heartwarming. He has a mix that is very well put together. The volume of the vocals is matched perfectly with the backing tracks, and it sounds exceptional.

Djembe did a cover of Nat King Cole - Let's Face the Music and Dance that had me doing the chair bop until I spilled my water! It was terrific, and I had not heard that song in a long time. So, I was FIRED up!!

The power, clarity, and definition in Djembes' voice when he sang the Beauty and the Beast song - If I can't Love Her, written by Terrance Mann, was astounding and had my jaw on the floor. The closing note he held was insane and left the crowd going wild in the local chat with applause and cheer. Very very well done!

The sultry voice Djembe put forth on the closing track, New York State of Mind by Billy Joel we perfect for finishing the performance and his rendition of the song was stellar! The voice accompanied by the saxophones on this particular track was melt-worthy and had me wanting SO much more!

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