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Dexter Swansen @ Rainbow Painters Art Gallery

That day I was invited to the opening of the exhibition “Black & White” in the wonderful Rainbow Painters Art Gallery.

I am enthusiastic about the gallery, which has long since ceased to be an insider tip for lovers of art in SL and which repeatedly organizes new exhibitions and gives well-known artists as well as new ones (like me, for example), the opportunity to show their works.

The owners of the gallery not only promote the art of painting but also that of music in SL, they regularly organize concerts as well as on this evening.

The musical part of the opening was done by Dexter Swansen, a guitar vocalist from UK, whom I didn't know before but who had my full attention right from the first notes.

A relaxed guy with a wonderful soulful voice and with the absolutely ingenious song selection for me. With U2, REM, Depeche Mode, The Police, Dire Straits and the Rolling Stones, he brought us all classics that I love so much and some of which I haven't heard for a long time. He managed to create wonderful memories and emotions in me through his music and what more can you ask of a musician? It couldn't be better.

The opening was a great success, wonderful art on the walls, attentive hosts and Dexter Swansen on stage. Honestly, what would SL be without art and music?

Thanks to Dexter and the Rainbow Painter team. Do not miss the exhibition and one of Dexter's concerts, both a great experience !

**translated from German**

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