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Chris London @ Rockin Robin

So, I had a night off and thought, let's go over to Rockin' Robin, because I have worked there since its inception, being a DJ, I know a lot of amazing venues and I'm sure many more to visit too.

So I came over, knowing Chris London, would be up at 1pm SLT and sure enough there he was, welcoming everyone in by name with his host Wings by his side. Chris reminds me of way back when with the MODs & the scooter days at Scarborough, but he sings all genres of songs and has a very open genre song list! His only fault is that he is a Queen Park Rangers fan, erm football / soccer, he is very friendly and worth a visit. but don't judge him on that!

A great venue, Rockin' Robin, open genre PG club with great music, amazing sim with lots to do and friendly people, open aired with many varied Theme Days and spectacular themes events!

All in all a really good hour spent in a great venue!


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