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Britt Trafalgar @ Sky Music Park

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

It was time to put down the work and time for Music ,Music Music:) I'd been glancing at notices as they popped up and saw a name that was new to me, Britt Trafalgar. I put on a dress and wandered over to Sky Music Park. A beautiful Venue owned by Cazzy and Paradorn .

I was grabbed by Britt's voice right away She has a clear melodic voice , note perfect with awesome control. I arrived as Britt was singing Abba's Andante Andante , it has now become one of my favourites:) Then followed 'Route 66' which brought back memories of a special friend who always played with the lyrics in a cheeky way. Britt sang a variety of tunes 'To Sir with Love , 'Suspicious Minds' 'You Don't Have to say You Love Me' and 'Jolene'

Wow , this Lady can sing , she has an infectious humour and sense of fun , gathering requests in a competition to beat Paradorn , who was singing next. She had the whole crowd laughing and joining in the fun. The local chat was bouncing.

Along came 'A Kind of Hush' and Adele's poignant ' Make You Feel my Love' . I just Love Adele and Britt nailed this.

Britt Trafalgar has a beautiful voice which draws you in , her Effervescent personality sparkles with a down to earth sense of fun , but most of all her voice captivates.

The Sky Music Park is beautifully landscaped with many seating areas to dream the day away or rest after a game of Bowling on the bowling alley in the venue , Cazzy and Para are warm and welcoming people . I will be going back for a game of bowling and wander around.

Britt Trafalgar remember the name:)


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