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BG Singer Live @ TAO (Together As One) Halloween Music Festival for KIKA

This event specifically benefits, KIKA, located in the Netherlands, a Dutch charity that raises money to support genetic research to battle childhood cancers.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Philadelphia born, classically trained with fifty years of entertainment experience, BG Singer took the TAO stage at 8 AM, following the beautiful Tillen Avers. Dressed in a blue, partially un-buttoned shirt and khakis, he was looking seriously hot ladies………but alas, he has been taken by the lovely, Rosa.

With a friendly demeanor and a very sexy voice, BG spoke to his audience. Bless his beautiful heart, he was sick too! After inviting Liam Maddox to join him on stage, BG challenged the audience to a five hundred Linden donation with a fifteen thousand goal during the show.

From his extensive song list he performed his fist song by CCR – “Green River”; CCR –“Proud Mary”; The Hollies – “Long Cool Woman”; Bread – “Guitar Man”; Blood Sweat and Tears – “Hi-De-Ho”; and Three Dog Night – “Never Been to Spain”.

Before he could start the next song, chaos ensued as the Lindens decided it was a good time to restart the region, Burning Dragon, owned by singer, Winter and his beautiful partner, Holly Giles.

After order was restored, the show continued with The Hollies – “The Air That I Breathe;” Dan Fogelberg – “Leader of the Band”; ending with Bon Jovi – “Thank You for Loving Me”.

Despite the untimely interruption, thanks to BG and to all the wonderful SL, TAO supporters, the fifteen thousand Linden goal was not only met, but exceeded!


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