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Bart Hoorenbeek @ TAO Halloween Festival for KIKA

I really longed for Bart Hoorenbeek's appearance. I've been able to hear it briefly a few times, but luck would have it that I was never allowed to experience a complete concert.

The very first sound from his mouth gave me goose bumps.

This man has such an incredibly pleasant, warm and deep sexy voice that he could read the phone book to me and I would be happy.

In addition to his unique voice, I think he has excellent musical tastes that I absolutely share with him. I remember secretly listening to my older brother's records as a little kid. The Beatles, Jean-Michel Jarre and especially Pink Floyd and Dire Straits. This music has always accompanied me and if I am not feeling well today and I am stressed, this music manages to relax me completely and make me dream. I am so happy that there is a Bart Hoorenbeek in SL.

On the song list of that day were songs by the brilliant musician Mark Knopfler with the songs -Darling pretty + What it is-; and of course the Dire Straits with the songs -Brothers In Arms, Lady Writer, Sultans of Swing- in focus.

Bart's Sultans of Swing really blew me away, an absolutely terrific performance! In addition to his playful and singing talent, this man also has an enormous feeling, which he gives the audience without frills and in his very personal honest way.

Thank you for this hour of musical enjoyment!

**translated from German**


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