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Bart Hoorenbeek @ Opal Music

Wow! I wasn't prepared for the rocking sounds of Bart. At first he had a Jamaican side that pulled everyone in, and was jamming. Then, as he sang more songs, he got the wild side! Bart plays all the instruments, and his can he make that sing!

I'm not sure of the title, but Heavy Fuel was an outstanding performance piece. He said it was the story of his life, and frankly, it's been mine, too, sometimes.

He has a softer side, also, and when he sang "Romeo & Juliet" the crowd became very quiet, listening to the sexy baritone of his voice. The next song was more bluesy, and Bart had great musicianship. Well, on all his songs he played with confidence and vocally his tone was record quality!

I was so glad that I teleported into this artist's performance today, Aug. 15, 2021. I hope to hear more and more of him, as he moves through the music world of Second Life. Watch for him in events! He's awesome!

The Opal Music Live Venue is a new one for me. There is enough room to dance, but it doesn't feel like you are lost in the area. The welcoming you receive, when you tp in, is one of the best I have ever seen. It felt like everyone wanted me there, from the minute my foot hit the region. I plan to visit more often when I see someone playing there.

See you around the grid. ~ Jade ♥


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